Thursday, 29 December 2011

Random - Skyrim things

Time for an odd first post.  I'm going to be mainly looking at games, first up: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The first post for this game is going to be about leveling up your skill "Sneak" easily whilst afk.

Sneak allows you to stay hidden from enemies and make less noise when you are crouching.  Later on it can also allow you to walk over traps without activating them.

What you will need for this 'exploit':
1x Controller
1x Thick rubber band (or 2x smaller rubber bands)

Firstly you want to head to White River Watch which is located on the mountain to the east of Whiterun.  When there you will need to kill the 2 guards out the front and enter the cave.
When you go inside and approach the man inside he will ask you if you are Ralph.  Respond "Yes" and he will tell you that the boss is looking for 'you' (Ralph).  He is blind, so just crouch against the wall directly behind him, stick the rubber band(s) around your left analog stick and the bottom left of the controller so the movement is always backwards, make sure you don't walk off anywhere when you put the controller down (you should always be walking into the wall) and go and do something else.  Your best bet is to start this up, go to sleep and when you wake up (approximately 6 hours later) you should be at 100 Sneak.

Location of White River Watch:

Check in later for more guides on leveling skills in Skyrim and other random posts.


  1. I remember doing this in oblivion's starting dungeon haha

  2. Thanks for the skyrim tips, now following!

  3. gotta love skyrim, its so great game!
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